Saturday, November 29, 2008

Dean speak

Dean: I wish I were a girl so I could have a baby

Me: Trust me, you are better off being the daddy in that situation
Dean: I wish I wasn't me anymore
Me and Jon: (chuckling) Why don't you want to be you anymore? You're awesome Dean.
Dean: I'm getting tired of me

Monday, November 10, 2008

A very Berrett Halloween

Dean looks like he is protecting his fair maiden.

Since we have about 1.5 kids in our hood, and it requires huge amounts of walking just to get from one house to the next (not to mention the lack of sidewalks), we decided to invite ourselves over to the other Berretts for trick-or-treating.  Dean had a blast, as expected, and Alta was content being the Queen Bee-- pulled about from house to house in the wagon with Clyde while she ate the fruits of our labors (we brought her pail up to each house to collect her treats).

Doesn't Alta look darling as a flapper?  Too bad she is sans the headband with feather--that would've been even cuter, but Alta and accessories don't combine for a good experience.
Lucky for me, a mom who looks and feels like I'm about to give birth to a mini whale, Dean wanted to be a swashbuckler again this year.  Just add an extremely cheap pirate hat, plastic hook, sword and Alta's leggings-- in lieu of the lost pants from last years costume-- and you get one adorable pirate.  Dean was a little worried that people would think he was a girl pirate when we put Alta's pants on him, but I assured him that he looked like a very scary man pirate.