Saturday, June 27, 2009

Beach Bums

I may be biased, but I think my friends--including those not present at the beach this day-- make the most beautiful children.  They are even cuter when childhood bliss is written all over their beaming smiles.  Overall it was a great day with old -- old as in I've been friends with them for 14 years, not old in age or appearance--friends.  I wished I could've visited more with my "old" friends, but a certain 7 year old wished to ravage camp and lay in the surf so that the salty sea water could filter into her tube-filled ears (I'm a bad mom-- I forgot the Mack's ear plugs).  Nonetheless, it was a fabulous day and my kids had the time of their lives.  The older I get, the more I realize that fun isn't defined by how things/events/people please me, but rather it is defined by how these things affect and please my children.  When my children have fun, I am pleased.

(Dean copying Porter)
(Henry and North)
(Alta doing what she does best)
(I think this might be one of Alta's favorite days ever)

(Dean trying to hang with the boys-- Jonas and Porter)
(Henry after a fistful of sand)
(baby meadow)
(Janie girl)
(Darling Zinnia)
(Lyd and North--the most smiley baby ever!)

Friday, June 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Alta!

(She always gives the horsies a good man-handling)

(gorgeous as ever)
(she mostly liked this ride because of the cool draft of air it blows in your face)
(she is stunned/obsessed/frightened by fire)

Our darling Alta Bear turned 7 today.  Here are 7 reasons to love her:

1.  Her smile: not only is it a gorgeous sight to behold-- with those perfectly-plump, envy-evoking, rosy-red lips-- but it also signifies a genuine regard for the beholder.  She hasn't learned to fake it or manipulate egos for her gain, so it truly is a heart-felt action.
2.  Her sense of wonder and amusement.  For instance, most of us like to look at magazines or books for visual and intellectual stimulation; Alta not only enjoys them for these purposes, but she also loves the sound of crinkling the pages; she loves the feel of the book/magazine on her fingertips; and she even enjoys an occasional smell/taste of the product.  Sometimes I think Alta is just on a higher plane than the rest of us and has mastered the art of the sensory experience.  What a joy it would be to see and experience the world through Alta's eyes; I think that is going to be my special treat when I pass on to the next life.   
3. Her quirks and idiosyncrasies.  Finding amusement in situations where it would be so easy to indulge in frustration really helps when living with Alta.  It's pretty funny to see her touch strangers on the arm as they walk by, and then blatantly smell her hand to detect their scent (maybe she's part vampire).  I also love when she walks in the room with a pant leg wrapped around her arm, a pair of underwear over her shorts and a sock covering her hand like a glove.  There are many more, but I'll stop here since this post is already a short novel.  
4.  Her sweet little spirit.  Since birth all those around her have been able to detect the angelic  eminence that radiates from Alta-- it's basically impossible to be impervious to it.  
5.  I love the language of Alta.  I love her intonation, her cute and dainty voice, that she has the need to finish sentences, and that she says "please, otay (okay)" after every expressed want.  I love that she can and does talk.
6.  I love her cuddles.  She was our little cuddle baby.  Cuddles from Alta are even more meaningful now because they are only permitted when she is the seeker of them.  Jon is the beneficiary of many more cuddles than I am; I love their special bond.
7.  Her glee.  Those that know her best appreciate the sheer enjoyment and the squeals of delight when she rides on a carousel, eats pizza at Chuck E. Cheese's, goes to disneyland, sees animals (in person, or in books), or plays in water.  It is a joy to watch her joy. 

Thank you Heavenly Father for sending Alta to live with us seven years ago.  I know she was sent here to refine us as parents rather than the other way around.  We are blessed.
We love you Bear!