Sunday, April 26, 2009

Blessed baby

Finally, after 4 months, Henry gets a proper blessing; and what a wonderful blessing it was.  Dashing the hopes of many, there was no surprise middle name bestowed to our little one; I guess he'll get to pick out his own in a couple of years.  
It was raining the day of the blessing so I purposefully neglected (forgot) to bring our camera to the church, thus explaining why I have no photos except the ones that Ruth managed to get at our house.  Thank goodness for Ruth-- not only are her photos far superior than anything I could've produced, but it also required minimal effort on my part (I literally parked my rear on a chair for about 5 minutes while a mini photo shoot ensued).  Once again, thank you Ruth!  Because of you, Henry will have photo documentation of his important milestones. 

Our blessed baby

Blessed parents of a blessed baby