Thursday, January 14, 2010

Yo Gabba Gabba birthday

This little guy turned one!!

He had a blast at his Yo Gabba Gabba party!!
He ate all of his Brobee cupcake...

He took a few swings at his boombox pinata....

He admired the best home-made DJ Lance costume ever!!

He passed out goodies in these little Brobee and Foofa bags that his mommy painstakingly made....
And loved all the cardboard replicas of his favorite characters!!!


My little H turned one on Nov. 20th and I am sad that a year has flown by so quickly. It is such a delight having him in our family and I can't imagine life without him. I tried to start a tradition of stating the reasons--numbering according to age-- why I love my kiddos. One reason just didn't seem to suffice for Henry so I thought I was going to put 12 reasons-- one for each month. After some thought, I decided that one reason was the perfect amount because it is the best reason to love Mr. H.

The number one reason to love Henry: he exudes happiness!!

Before I had children I had all these ideals about what I wanted them to look/be like. Now, after having three precious souls in my care and having a daughter with special needs, I realize that the most important thing to me is that they are happy (and healthy) little souls. We are so lucky to have three of the happiest little kids to raise. And since Henry isn't a naughty little imp (toddler) yet, I especially love soaking up his lust for life. He has a smile that melts, he is always flirting with strangers and he just loves loving his family. Happy One Year Henry!! Don't grow up too fast!


jill said...

I am happy to have been on the receiving end of many flirtatious looks from Henry. He is so cute Steve and I are very taken by him.

laura said...

Such a fun party. I just took the brobee bag out of the backseat of our car, so rest assured, I've been appreciating your handiwork for weeks!

k berrett said...

so so cute! i missed out on an awesome party!