Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dean is 5

It's a month late (we had internet issues), but Happy Birthday Dean!!

5 Huge reasons to love Deanerd

1) We have conversations like this:

Jon: "Dean, you are something else." (Said after laughing at something Dean said).
Dean: "You mean something not me, something not human?"

I love how literal kids are at this age.

2) He know what he likes and what he doesn't like; and what he doesn't like at the moment is wearing shirts. The other day he came home from school, took off his shirt and loudly announced "I'm never wearing a shirt again!!". This proclamation was fulfilled until about the next day when he put on shirt to go to school. If you ever happen upon him whilst he is sleeping you will find him shirtless.

3) He loves Henry. He loves everyone in his family, but especially his baby brother. The other day we went to lunch with Christian Demke and he was trying to strike a deal with Dean. The deal was bartering Henry for Sheldon. When asked if he was down for the deal, Dean took one look at Henry and burst into tears. It was really sweet/sad/cute.

He also likes to brag about Henry. The other day I told Dean that Henry was born knowing Chinese ( reinforced by the fact that Henry was babbling cute little baby sounds) and Dean had no problem believing this. The next day he very confidently told people in the elevator that his baby brother knows how to speak Chinese. He later told us that he used to know how to speak Chinese when he was a baby too, he just forgot how to speak it now.

4) I still love his one-toothed smile. I will be sad when he has a matching set of two front teeth-- especially because they will be those awkward too-big-for-your-face secondary teeth.

5) He is no respecter of persons; he genuinely likes everyone. Except monsters. And shadows. And bad guys. Everyone else he likes.


Beth said...

He is adorable! I agree with you...i love that missing tooth smile

ruth said...

Ollie hates shirts too! He never sleeps with a shirt. Weird.

Precia said...

Could he be more handsome!? My kids like to take their shirts off to eat. It's not going to be Ok really soon here :(

Susie Demke said...

I've missed your blog for awhile. Usually when a blog link updates they move up to the top of my list. Anyway. I laughed and cried all in the span of 10 min catching up on yours.
Usually I'm not a big kid lover, other than my own and my nieces and newphews, but I genuinely love your kids. I do. They became part of my life when Christian did and I associate them with one of the happiest times of my life. Each of their personal milestones, successes and funny outbursts are as sweet to me as my own children.

kkendig said...

dean is my favorite kid. i had so much fun with him at the zoo. more fun than i have with most adults. anytime you need someone to watch him please put us at the top of the list.